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The ISOFIX Dock 2 base is compatible with Avionaut child seats for toddlers up to 13 kg – Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 C, Avionaut Cosmo and Avionaut Cosmo 2.0.


Its design is ergonomic and universal, which means it is intuitive to use and fits most cars. The base makes it easy to attach and detach the child seat and stabilises it while driving, preventing it from moving even during sudden manoeuvres.


Fitting the Isofix Dock 2 is extremely easy. The base permanently attaches to the ISOFIX anchor points. The model also uses a special support leg which additionally stabilises the structure.


What are daily journeys like with the Dock 2 base?

It is enough to put the child seat on it, which, like removing it, takes literally a few seconds. The toddler therefore travels safely and the parents enjoy peace of mind while they are on the road.


The ISOFIX Dock 2 is particularly recommended for those who frequently remove the child seat from the car or transfer it between two cars. In such a situation, the base not only reduces a lot of stress, but also saves time!

Avionaut Dock 2 isofix base