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Reduce the risk of overheating and avoid wet backs or clammy hair. Stay comfortable and happy with Axkid Cooling pads. Axkid Cooling pads help your child keep the right body temperature in the car seat during hot days.

    • Unique 3D technology dissipates excess heat and circulates fresh air. 
    • Absorbs moisture and perspiration. 
    • Soft, comfortable and machine washable
    • Suitable for all Axkid’s rear-facing car seats
    • Organic cotton & recyclable 


Axkid Cooling pads by AeroMoov have been designed specifically to ensure that your child does not overheat in the car seat. The unique 3D honeycomb structure inside creates a cushion of air between the child and the seat. This regulates the air circulation around your child’s back, legs and head. The 3D air layer can’t be compressed so ensures constant air circulation and comfort for your child. 

Hyperthermia and overheating in cars are more common than one might think and every year incidents occur where children become overheated in the cars during hot summer days. The Axkid Cooling pads can be a helping hand in preventing overheating and thanks to the special 3D technology the air flow will circulate consistently. This means that from now on, outings and trips in warm weather can also be pleasant for your child in the car seat. 

Combining Aerommov, the best supplier of air layers, with Axkid, as experts on rear-facing car seats, you can expect a high standard when it comes to comfort and quality. The Axkid Cooling Pads by AeroMoov have been designed exclusively to be the perfect fit for your Axkid rear-facing car seat. With the unique two-piece design, you can easily adjust the headrest even when your child is in the car seat.

The Axkid Cooling pads come in two pieces, one main part for the actual seat and the second piece is for the headrest. This gives it the flexibility to be suitable across all Axkid rear-facing car seats in group 1 and group 2 which includes; Axkid ONE, Axkid Minikid 1, Axkid Minikid 2, Axkid Modukid Seat, Axkid Move, Axkid Rekid, Axkid Wolmax.

The Axkid Cooling pads is made by organic cotton and makes the seat comfortable for your child. It is also very handy for you as a parent since the pad is washable at 40°C and quick drying. Notable is that the Air Layer is OekoTex 100 Class 1 certified. That means the Air Layer is completely free of any substances that could be harmful to your child. Safety first – Always. 

Axkid Cooling Pads


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  • Unique 3D technology
    Reduces the risk of overheating.
    Absorbs moisture and perspiration. 
    Ensures constant air circulation.
    Organic cotton & recyclable 
    Washable at 40 and quick dry.