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Suitable from birth to 125cm/23kg


Axkid ONE+ 2 is the only ISOFIX car seat on the market allowing rear-facing travel up to approx. 7 years of age (40-125 cm). Easy and secure installation in 30sec. Provides the best legroom on the market, yet the flexibility to become one of the most compact rear-facing car seats on the market.


Our latest car seat is our safest yet – it's the only rear-facing ISOFIX seat approved up to 125 cm/23kg or around 7 years old, meeting i-Size standards.

Plus, it's aced the rigorous Swedish Plus crash test.


This seat lasts through childhood, accommodating kids from day one to 7 years old. With the most legroom available, thanks to our dynamic legroom system, it's also one of the most compact rear-facing options out there, fitting even in small cars.


Adaptability is key: our sliding seat technology and advanced sleep well system ensure it suits your child's needs.


Installation is a breeze, taking just 30 seconds, and it's lightweight and eco-friendly too. Axkid ONE+ 2 sets a new safety standard, keeping kids rear-facing for longer – up to 3 years more than other ISOFIX seats, making travel up to 6-7 years of age up to 5 times safer.


Built with aluminum and steel, it's a protective cocoon, and with ventilation holes, it keeps kids cool. Plus, its rail-mounted design offers easy adjustment and extra legroom, making it the best choice for families. With a quick, secure installation in 30 seconds and comfort from infancy to 7 years old, it's the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Axkid One+ 2


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