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Product Specifications

Type: Rear‐facing Swivel car seat

Range: Up to approximately 4 years

Approved length: 40 – 105cm

Approved weight: Up to 18kg

Installation with ISOFIX

Compatible with large and small vehicles

180 swivel function

Baby support cushion included

Internal harness 5‐point

Removable cover – machine washable at 30 degrees



Easy 180 Swivel function

‐ Advanced Sleep Well System

‐ Baby Support cushion

‐ Adjustable rebound bar

‐ Magnetic Harness Holder

‐ 12 headrest positions

‐ Force absorbing technology

‐ Easy Installation System


‐ Long duration premium textile


Axkid Spinkid is a swivel car seat that facilitates everyday‐ life for you as a parent. The comfortable 180 swivel function makes it easy to handle whilst still featuring the huge safety benefits of rearfacing travelling.


Easy 180 Swivel car seat ‐ With just one button you can rotate the car seat to face the door and have easy access to your child when getting in and out of the car.

Baby Support cushion – With the included and adaptable baby support cushion even the smallest child will travel safe and comfortable in the Axkid Spinkid.

Adjustable Rebound bar ‐ the unique flexibility of the rebound bar allows for an easier installation to your car and can offer additional legroom for your child.

Advanced Sleep Well System ‐ multiple reclining positions, can be adjusted during the journey, making it easy to find the perfect position for your child and your needs.

Axkid Spinkid

£399.00 Regular Price
£249.00Sale Price
  • Product measurements

    Width: 44cm

    Height: 63cm

    Depth: 63cm

    Weight: 14,5kg