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PLEASE NOTE:- beyond base is needed to use this seat

BeSafe Beyond 360 is thelatest toddler seat offering extended usage time with the convenience of a full 360-degree rotation. It's the first rotation-based car seat approved for use up to 125 cm and 22 kg - approx. 6 years, providing unparalleled flexibility and safety with a smart blocking mechanism for safe extended rear facing use.

State of the art safety:

Approved till 125 cm and 22 kg

Extra protective headrest with Dynamic Force Absorber™

Shock-absorbing materials and car seat shell construction.

Additional side impact protection (SIP+) that easily attaches to the car seat.

Smart blocking mechanism ensures forward-facing function starts from 88cm, preventing too early forward-facing use.

Allows your child to travel rear-facing (five times safer) until they are around 6 years old.

Unique features for everyday flexibility:

Easy and quick ISOfix installation

Convenient to move between cars and bring along, as the seat is separate from the base.

Easy travels thanks to side-to-side rotation from the beginning and 360° rotation as your child gets older.

One-hand operation for rotating the seat and adjusting the recline positions.

Harness magnets for easy access when getting your child in and out of the car.


Universal Level Technology™ for the best seating angle in any car

Large seat shell offers space to move while your child is secured.

Extendable leg space up to 16 cm when used rear facing.

Adjustable recline positions for extra comfort.

Extra cushions provide additional comfort and stability for smaller children.

11-step adjustable headrest to grow with your child all the way to 125 cm

Good airflow with an open structure underneath the textile cover


With nature and changing mobility in mind:

The BeSafe Beyond concept is made to last. Its durable materials, combined with a construction that allows for easy repair, extend the lifetime of all Beyond concept products to 15 years. By utilizing the same base for both the baby car seat and the toddler seat all the way from 0-6 years, we reduce the amount of material used during production. On top of that, the modular and lightweight design of the concept makes it a perfect fit for families who want to use their seat across multiple cars - whether they own 2 cars or use car-sharing services.

How to wash the cover

See label on the back side of the textile cover and cover parts for detailed wash instructions. Wash at 30 degrees, fine wash/very mild process/wool wash cycle. Do not bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not dry clean. Dry on a flat surface.


One hand operation: This handle allows you to both rotate and recline the seat with one hand only. Rotate to the door for easy access and recline the seat to make it comfortable for your child. Allows 360 rotation once your child is old enough.

More leg space: With a simple click, you can adjust the leg space up to 16 cm. Do so by tilting the front brace on the seat base.

Installation with ISOfix: Super quick and easy to install with the ISOfix arms on the base. Click it onto the ISOfix attachment points in your car, push it towards the seat and adjust the support leg - and you're all set.

Spacious seat allows child to move: We have designed the inside of the seat to make it even more spacious, allowing the child to move arms and legs while buckled up. Even up to approx. 6 years. Quickly adjust to one of the 11 headrest positions as your child grows. All the way to 125 cm.

Extra protection: This extra "bumper" will protect an extra 20% in the case of a side collision. Make sure you attach it on the correct side of the seat (the side facing the car door). The headrest is innovative and protective, made of special materials, optimally absorbs the forces of any impact.

Technology ensures right seat level: Our technology solves the problem of car seats that recline too steeply. Our innovative construction ensures the same and correct angle for any car seat, regardless of car model. The seat has the right angle when the "spirit angle" on the base is within the green zone. Intuitive and easy

SustainabilityBeSafe is aware that our responsibility is not only to ensure the safety of our children today, but also to contribute to a greener and safer future for them.

That’s why BeSafe made sure the BeSafe Beyond concept and all its products are not only innovative and flexible to use but also as sustainable as possible.

By using durable materials as well as making it very easy to replace parts, BeSafe has extended the lifetime of this concept to 15 years. On top of that, the same base can be used for both the baby car seat and the toddler seat all the way from 0-6 years. That way BeSafe also reduces the amount of material used during production.

Technical InformationHeight:

61-125 cm

Max. weight:

22 kg



6 months - 6 years*


ISOfix with base


Rear facing or forward facing.


UN R129 (61-105 cm i-Size, 105-125 cm specific vehicle

BeSafe Beyond 360