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TRAVEL CAR BOOSTER - The inflatable travel car booster seat for children aged 4 - 11yrs and weighing 15-36kgs. Also suitable for every day use!

USE EVERY DAY- BubbleBum is certified AS SAFE as any other booster seat, so it's a great replacement for your child's usual booster!

ULTRA PORTABLE - Folds away to fit in a purse or backpack. Can be easily carried by children wherever they go.

FIT 3 ACROSS - The narrow and compact design is perfect for the middle seat. It will even fit between 2 full-sized car seats.

EASY TO INSTALL - BubbleBum is so convenient to move from one vehicle to another and can be installed in seconds. It’s ideal for carpools, taxis, and vacations.

TESTED BY PROFESSIONALS APPROVED BY PARENTS -All our car seats meet & exceed all US federal standards and European regulations for car seat safety (FMVSS213 Federal Motor Safety Standard for USA & R44/04 for Europe).

AWARD WINNING- BubbleBum has won dozens of design and consumer awards. Most recently ‘Parent Tested, Parent Approved’ placed it on their ‘Moms Best List’ for 2021.

SUPER COMFORTABLE - The internal memory foam means your child will be comfortable even on longer journeys. BubbleBum offers comfort and convenience without compromising on safety.

Bubblebum inflatable booster seat