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Meet Joie versatrax and ramble carrycot bundle, the travel far, experience more, enjoy most pushchair. We know so much adventure awaits, so meet your match in the Joie versatrax.


4in1 multiway usage - Adjusting to baby’s ever changing needs is effortless for this hardworking multitasker. The 4in1 versatrax combines carry cot, infant carrier and forward or rearward facing seat all in one sweet ride.\n\nEase to Fold - No need to double over as you fold up, thanks to a handy quick release on the back of the seat. Trigger the safety release and lift the activator for a one piece fold that’s more secure than ever.


Compact pram fold - Whether the seat is fastened forward or rearward, the versatrax tucks closed and stands ready to store with one quick tug. You’re back on the go with an equally speedy set up, seat already intact.




  • Weight: 11.7kg
  • Open Size: l 92.4cm x w 65.5cm x 112cm
  • Folded Size: l 86cm x w 65.5cm x 36cm
  • Product usage: Birth to 22kg
  • Testing Certification: EN 1888-2:2018



  • Product weight: 2.97kg
  • Product dimensions: l 88 x w 41.2 x h 58cm
  • Product usage: birth to 9kg

Joie Versatrax & Ramble XL Carrycot Bundle